#8 The Change Room

The Change Room by Karen Connelly

The description from Goodreads:
31226315Happily married, great career, mother of two. What more could a woman possibly want? Enter The Change Room, by award-winning writer Karen Connelly, and find out.
Eliza Keenan is the mother of two young sons, the owner of a flower studio that caters to the city’s elite, and the loving wife of a deliciously rumpled math professor named Andrew. She’s on the move from dawn until her boys are in bed, and after they’re asleep she cleans her house. Her one complaint about her life is that the only time she has for herself is her twice-weekly swim in the local community centre pool, where sunlight shines in through a tall window and lights up the water in a way that reminds her of the year she spent as a footloose youth on an island in Greece. Then one morning into this life that is full of satisfactions of all kinds except sexual (because who has the time or the energy once the kids are asleep?) comes a tall, dark and lovely stranger, a young woman Eliza encounters at the pool and nicknames ‘the Amazon.’ The sight of this woman, naked in the change room, completely undoes Eliza, and soon the two of them are entangled in an affair that breaks all the rules, and threatens to capsize not only Eliza and her happy family, but her lover’s world, too. And yet the sex is so all-encompassing, so intimate, so true…how can it be bad? Be ready to be shaken up, woken up, scandalized and deeply stirred.

**I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

The Change Room isn’t the type of book I usually reach for but the description piqued by interest and I’m glad I read it, I enjoyed it SO much.

Eliza is a wife, mother and business owner who is overwhelmed with all the duties that come along with those roles. She meets a women in a pool change room and embarks on an affair. Let me just say, I related to this book so well despite having nothing to relate to at all.

The book is beautifully written and being from Toronto, I enjoyed all the Toronto tidbits. The author does a great job and creating really well developed characters and settings. I appreciated how unfiltered the sex scenes were written, they were so sexy and raw. Give me that over flaming loins and heavy bosoms, any day. I liked how positively sex work and bisexuality were portrayed.

The end was such a let down, I kept thinking ‘am I missing something or is this really the end?’

Because the book dragged a bit in places and because of the ending, I give this book 3.5 stars.


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